Visitors to Mayfield

 Please see the September 2020 update to our Visitor policy.  This applies to ALL visitors to Mayfield  - parents, carers and other family members of pupils and staff included.

School Visitors Policy during Global Pandemic

  • In line with information published by Public Health England our visitor policy and procedures are updated to reflect latest guidance on the reducing the spread of Covid-19.
  • Taking this into account, we are limiting access to the site to essential visitors only.  This would encompass contractors who provide statutory and planned maintenance for the safe running of the school and professionals supporting pupils or staff with essential health needs
  • If you are unsure as to whether your proposed visit is considered essential, please email your usual contact in the school or the administrator  - Tel. 0208 57579885

If your visit to Mayfield is an essential one, you are not permitted to visit if:

  • you transited through an airport in the last 14 days
  • you have developed a fever (above 37.8C) or a new, continuous cough within the last seven days.
  • anyone in your household is required to self-isolate because of Covid symptoms in accordance with Government guidelines
  • you or anyone in your household have been contacted via the Department of Health Track, Trace and Isolate scheme and have been told to isolate.


When you arrive on site at Mayfield please report to the Office at the front of the school wearing a mask that covers your mouth and nose.  Please stand 2m away from the main screen.   If there is a queue please adhere to social distancing whilst you wait.

In line with health advice we are instigating a policy of no handshakes.  If you are wearing your own disposable PPE we ask that you use a new pair of gloves on entering the building and dispose of your old ones in our PPE bin.  We can supply you with gloves if necessary.

To protect both you and our community we ask you adhere to the social distancing guidelines at all times in the building – there is a sticker on the floor of the foyer to act as guide when you enter the building and reminders throughout the school. 

The school administrator will sign you into the visitors’ book and give you a disposable visitor sticker which you must wear the whole time you are on site and discard in a school bin as you leave the building.

When entering the building you will be directed to sanitise or wash your hands immediately.  Hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities are available throughout the building.

If you cough or sneeze please do it into a tissue (these can be provided) and dispose in one of the lidded bins in the building.

If you use any school facilities (WCs, sinks, photocopiers) wash or sanitise your hands before and after use.

When visiting we ask that your interactions with pupils and staff are kept to a minimum to reduce infection.

The staffroom and PPA room will not be available for visitors to use.

We ask that you do not use soft seating areas in school and only use the room/s that you have arranged to have access to.

We apologise for not being able to give you our usual warm welcome, but we must take the current situation very seriously and look after the welfare of our pupils and staff.

If you have any questions, please contact the member of staff you were due to visit or contact the school office on 020 8575 9885.

Please find the full School Visitor Policy here