Our Vision Statement

Striving together for a brighter future

Our Ethos

Our school is welcoming, caring, safe and supportive.  Children (and staff) are happy and enjoy coming to school.   Our parents and carers describe us as a small school with a strong community (family) spirit.  Our ethos embodies our mission statement - Striving Together for a Brighter Future - we work in partnership with our school community to ensure the best outcomes for all our children.

Children learn  in an environment of mutual trust and respect.  Teachers create classroom environments that are conducive to effective learning; calm, purposeful,  support risk-taking and encourage cooperation and creativity.  

We have high expectations of behaviour and academic performance and we expect all our children to work hard and to do their best. 

 Our Values:

    • Aspiration
  • Determination
  • Good Manners
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Respect for ourselves, others and our world
  • Responsibility

Our Vision
We aspire to be a school where:

  • Progress and standards are above national averages
  • The quality of teaching is outstanding across the school
  • Children enjoy their learning and see relevance and purpose to their work
  • The school ethos is calm, welcoming, safe and inviting and behaviour is excellent in every aspect of school life
  • Staff have high morale, high moral purpose and consistently high expectations
  • Leadership drives improvement, secures success and is ambitious in all aspects of school life