Year 2 Explore Our Local Area

 What a fantastic day our year 2s had on Friday.  They spent the whole day exploring Hanwell.  Their walk took them all over our local area - looking out for interesting signs and sights along the way and taking in some of the lovely scenery that's on our doorstep.

There are opportunities to learn all over our local area - from looking at the changing leaves as we move into autumn, to thinking about when the train station was built and how and why the viaduct was built.  The child also loved looking at the wildlife and boats in the river and on the canal and learning about why the canal was so important.

The day was also an opportunity to talk about keeping safe in the local area and what different road signs and furniture mean.  So much to talk about and see!

Thank you to Ms Arundell and Ms Salah and all the staff and volunteers that made it such a wonderful day!

Here is a map of the route our explorers took and some photos of the day.