Travel Survey highlights parking

Thank you to all the people who completed our Travel Survey.

During the Big Pedal we have consistently had about 90% of pupils arriving sustainably.  This is a significant uplift on typical days which average between 75-80%.

It's been really useful to hear from parents about what you feel are barriers to safe and sustainable travel.

Hopefully when the new playground is ready we can address some of the issues:

  • We will have more scooter and bike racks 
  • Less congestion as the building work will be finished

We will talk to our contacts at the council around the issues of safer routes.

The biggest issue that you see affecting our school by a significant margin is inconsiderate parking and dangerous driving around High Lane and Mayfield Gardens.

So although only a minority of parents drive to school - it seems that a number of drivers are parking illegally and driving without care.  We definitely need your help to address this.

PLEASE if you have to drive to school - park safely on one of the surrounding roads.  There is no need to stop on the zigazags or the pedestrian crossing, there is no need to stop on the road at the bottom of Mayfield Gardens.  It is dangerous to let your child out onto the road and dangerous for other children who may be walking, scooting or cycling.  Please be considerate.

See the survey results here.