Team Challenge and Enterprise Week!

Last week was our Team Challenge and Enterprise week!  During the week the children worked in teams to design, create, make, bake and produce a wide range of products that they then sold at the Enterprise Market, to parents and carers.  Each class had an Enterprise start up fund of £25 and they had to make as much profit as possible!


We held two very busy Enterprise Market sales with parents and carers keen to buy their child's products!

The children will now decide how they will spend their profit.  Their decision must be on something that the whole class can benefit from - some new wet play games or some books, special equipment etc.

During the week the children learnt a raft a skills - they worked cooperatively and collaboratively, they listened to and shared ideas, they learnt more about their own learning style and they learnt how to advertise, sell and

money skills. 

It was a brilliant week!