School Milk Scheme

Later this week we will be sending out a letter advising you of our new school milk scheme.

The scheme offers a portion of free milk for every child under 5 years old, and for children who fulfil the eligible for free school meals criteria as described here , and are registered with the council for statutory free meals.  

There is also the option for you to purchase a daily carton of milk for your child, if they are over 5,  at a subsidsed rate of 22p per day.  That's less than £15 per term.

If your child is in nursery they will be registered automatically.

All other children need to be registered by their parents whether you are eligible for the free millk for under-5s, or for free milk due to free school meal eligibility or  would like to opt in to purchase milk each day.

Register with Cool Milk here (Cool Milk is the name of the scheme).

If you cannot register online please fill in a registration form  - available from the office  - they can be returned by FREEPOST to Cool Milk. 

If you are opting in to pay for a portion of milk, payment is made to Cool Milk directly and cannot be made through the school office.

The process is very simple and straightforward and all the information you will need is on the Cool Milk website.  Click here to go to the Cool Milk site.