School Council Polling Day at Mayfield

On Thursday 21st September the children went to the polls to elect their School Council reps.

The process was very involved.

After studying the job description the children nominated themselves.  Candidates prepared a speech and presented this to their class outlining why they would make a great School Council Rep.

The classes were invited to vote by Mrs Ewart.

On Thursday, the hall was set up with voting booths.  The Poll Clerk registered the pupils as they came to the desk and handed each one a poll card. Then into the voting the booths to make their confidential vote.

The children placed their votes in the ballot box and this was then returned to Mrs Ewart's office.

An independent counter, counted the votes (Ms Brown.)

Then on Friday, sealed envelopes were delivered to the classes with the name of the successful School Council Rep inside.

Our first meeting is on 6th October.  We can't wait!