Parents Wellbeing Coffee Morning

The week of the  20th May is Children's Mental Health Week.

This year we will be reading Carol McCloud's book  "Have You Filled a Bucket Today".

Everyone is born with an invisible bucket, you can't see it but it's there. The bucket represents a person's mental and emotional health. It is primarily the responsibility of parents and other caregivers to fill a child's bucket. When you hold, caress, nurture, touch, sing, play and provide loving attention, safety and care, you fill a child's bucket. In addition to being loved, children must also be taught how to love others. Children who learn how to express kindness and love lead happier lives. When you care about others and show that love by what you say and do you feel good and you fill your own bucket too.

Please come to a Parents Coffee Morning  on the 21st from 9-10am in the Hall to talk about how to fill your own bucket! Helena Burton, Counselling Services Manager.