Parent Governor Elections- Get Voting!

Today the oldest Mayfield child in your family will bring home a Parent Governor election pack.

There is one vote per parent (whether you have one or six children!).  

We are lucky enough to have three excellent candidates - please read their statements and remember to cast your vote.  An envelope has been provided if you would like to send your vote in with your child or you can cast your vote into the box in the office.

Remember  - it's only ONE candidate you are voting for so please just one cross in the box  of your chosen candidate on the ballot paper,

Do not write your name or your child's name on the ballot paper or the envelope.  It's a secret ballot - just like in regional or general elections.

Voting closes 2 weeks today.

Good luck to the candidates - we are very lucky to have such a fantastic community of parents or contribute to school life in so many ways,