Nursery Learning Workshop

It was lovely to see so many parents in nursery this morning for a workshop about developing motor skills and hand strength.  The children really enjoyed showing their parents their learning environment and some of the things that they do in nursery to develop their skills - threading, cutting, drawing, constructing, using pegs and dressing up dolls.

 Miss Evans gave lots of ideas about what parents can do at home to support the work we do in nursery in this area.  Here are some top tips:

  • 'Paint' with water outside on a sunny day and watch your picture magically disappear!
  • Draw with sticks or fingers in flour or salt 
  • Use clothes pegs to make patterns on a piece of card - this helps develop a good pen grip
  • Draw some your child's name, letters or patterns at home and ask your child to go over it with a pen or pencil
  • Do jigsaw puzzles at the right level so that children feel successful when they complete them and then support them to do more difficult ones.  You can make your own puzzles from old birthday or christmas cards

 REMEMBER TO JOIN US FOR THE NEXT WORKSHOP.  We will remind you with a text!