International Fair Raises over £2500!

What an event! Mayfield's International Fair was a huge success raising £2582.40! Thank you to all the stall holders, staff, friends, parents, carers and grandparents who ran stalls and supported the event! HUGE thanks to Jackie Costello our Friends of Mayfield Chair for organising the event! All money raised goes to fund our new outdoor quiet and reading this space!


I could not believe our luck on Saturday when we held our International Fair and the weather was glorious all day!

Over £2500 was raised by our wonderful community.

Jackie Costello, PAT chair, was at school from around 8am setting up the tables, organising the event, with Tracy Brown - thank you! They were soon joined by parents, carers, friends, governors and staff and the school playground was transformed.

The children's talent show was a huge success...what a talented and confident group of children we have a Mayfield! Every performance brought a smile to our faces. Soak a teacher was very popular with the children and raised £250!

The community drawing activity produced a beautiful memory of the day and celebrated the diversity and community of Mayfield.

And the food......ohhh the food....a choice of three BBQs with delicious smells soaring in the air, Iranian wraps and pasta dishes, Italian pizza, lasagne and biscotti, Somali aromatic rice and curries, Indian samosas, Arabic and Japanese speciality much choice, and all so delicious! My husband was delighted when I returned home with a huge bag of food from all these regions! Thank you to all the cooks and chefs who donated, made, baked and produced the wonderful array of culinary delights!

It was a day that really celebrated our community. At one point there was barely space on the playground to move around as the event had attracted so many people!

Huge huge thanks to everyone....staff, parents, carers, governors, family friends, grandparents who set up and ran stalls, cooked and provided food....Thank you to everyone who came along to support the event....I am so so proud of the community we serve.