Idling Action Day

All of our Key Stage 2 children had a packed day learning about pollution and how switching your engine off when parking keeps us healthy and our environment safe and clean.

The children designed posters - and those with the clearest messages will be made into a giant banner to go outside of school.  Our Junior Travel Ambassadors then worked with Ollie from Idling Action to talk to parents who were parking their cars outside of school about what they had learned and asked parents to pledge to always switch their engines off when then park and gave them stickers and leaflets for their car.

It's a message we're really passionate about and we thank all of our parents for helping to keep the area around our school safe and healthy!

We were very lucky to have some special visitors from Ealing Council too - Councillor Nagpal and Air Quality lead, Sneha Patil.



Mayfield Idling Action Day