Friends of Mayfield is a Co-op Good Cause!

We are so delighted that we have been chosen as a Co-op Good Cause for the next year.

This means that every time you spend money in the Co-op they give us 2% of what you spend!

The Friends of Mayfield are raising money to develop the a quiet garden in the playground as well as all of the other enriching activities we do throughout the year - from Science Week to Art Week, from Fitness Week to visiting music and theatre workshops.

It's really easy to chose us as a good cause at the Co-op - click here and become a member! Whether you use the Co-op in Greenford Avenue, Pitshanger, or if you have relatives in any part of the country that use a Co-op - we can still be chosen as the good cause - just follow the link once you're a member and you can choose us!

Co op

Thank you so much - let's see if we can get to £5000 over the year - last time we raised over £4000 so if everyone joins in we can get there!!