Enterprise Week 2016 Profit & Spending plans!

This was a fun-packed, creative week full of enterprise and entrepreneurial skills!

Classes made the following profits and the children have decided how they would like to spend their money.

 Class Profit  Spending Plan    Class  Profit Spending Plan
 Nursery  £38  collage, glitter and creative play materials    Mr Jennings £74 Charity donation and wet play games


Mrs Sibuns

 £75  resources for the writing area    Ms Ankers/Walker £59 Class trip


Mrs Cornford

 £75  resources for the writing area    Ms Walker £57.33 Charity donation and board games
 Mr Brown  £72  wet play games & activities    Ms Carrim £15.68 wet play games
 Ms Purtle  £83  marble run, books, class cuddly toy, puppets, fairytales    Mrs Ediker £17 Wet play games
 Ms Arundell  £96  wet play games & activites    Mr Ratchford  £50.16  Wet play games
Ms Salah £97 wet play games & activities