Being Ourselves - 5-11 February

It's Children's Mental Health Week 5-11th February.

The focus for the week is Being Ourselves.  When we have a positive view of ourselves it can help us to cope with life’s challenges, and recognising the different qualities of others can allow us to connect with those around us – which is vital for our own and others’ wellbeing.

We're supporting the brilliant work done by the Ealing Schools Counselling Partnership at Mayfield by holding some events.

On Wednesday 7th February we would like everyone to wear whatever they would like that expresses who they are.  So no uniform and a voluntary contribution of £1 to raise money for the ESCP.

We are also running a self portrait competition for all children - with prizes for the most artistic and expressive pictures!

Matthew, our school counsellor would also like to invite all parents and carers to a coffee morning on Wednesday at 9am to talk about his work in school and how he can offer support to children, parents and staff at Mayfield.

We'd love to see you at the coffee morning - and look forward to see some wonderful self expression from all the children!