Art and Book Week 2023

Our theme this year is IDENTITY.

What a brilliant start we had to our 2 week celebration of creativity with the wonderful Wendy Shearer.

Her sessions are very engaging with music (including percussion instruments) and she uses colourful, sensory props. She encourages everyone to join in the stories with call and response, movement, drama and their ideas which she weaves into the tales. Together with the children she creates a unique version of the stories. 


She tells traditional African and Caribbean folktales of tricksters, shapeshifters and important figures in history, including stories from her recently published books: 

  • Caribbean Folktales, stories from the islands and the Windrush generation
  • African & Caribbean Folktales, Myths and Legends 
  • Bedtime Stories: Beautiful Black Tales from the past 

Children were rapt by her storytelling and loved joining in too!

storywendy and team


Find out more about Wendy here