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Mayfield's Curriculum

CURRICULUM INTENT: Our aim is to provide a curriculum that raises children's personal aspirations by providing them with the skills, knowledge, understanding and vocabulary to realise their ambitions.  The National Curriculum is delivered in a creative way that ignites children's appetite for learning.

In addition to this, we make deliberate curriculum actions  that are specific to our community, to the children who attend the school, that will help them to achieve their very best.

Mayfield's curriculum is built on a foundation of skills that are practised, and extended each year, and on knowledge and vocabulary that informs and enriches understanding.  All children have wide curricular experiences that broaden their horizons and deepen their learning. 

It is our intent that through our curriculum provision:

  • All children can read by end of KS1.
  • The curriculum in KS1 will have a focus on reading, writing and maths because we recognise that children cannot access the more intense KS2 curriculum and beyond without a good working knowledge and understanding in reading, writing and maths.
  •  We will help to create and develop a sense of unity within our community through trips, events and collaborative projects.
  •  All children will have access to a range of wider experiences –  visits, trips and experiences to the local and wider area, to bridge the gap, in particular, for those children who do not typically have these experiences.
  • There will be increased opportunities to learn and use an extended vocabulary.
  • We will raise personal aspirations and equip the children with the knowledge, skills, vocabulary and mindset to attain them.

 Our school values are the bedrock on which our curriculum is delivered -  respect, responsibility, determination, aspiration, honesty, kindness and friendship and good manners. Together with the British Values of Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Democracy and the Rule of Law we believe these values will help the pupils of Mayfield to thrive as they grow up and to contribute positively to their community and the wider world.

We work in partnership with parents and carers, Striving Together for a Brighter Future, to ensure that all children achieve the best outcomes possible.  

Learning environments are: Calm, nurturing, supportive, purposeful, support risk-taking and encourage independent learning, cooperation and creativity.  We have high expectations of behaviour and academic performance and we expect all our children to work hard and to do their best. 

 CURRICULUM IMPLEMENTATION: The learning journey is mapped out year by year, subject specific content ensures there is clear progression, consolidation and extension of skills and knowledge.  Where appropriate we teach subjects using a cross-curricular approach.  This helps children to see that learning is connected, relevant and purposeful.  Children tell us that learning is fun and we all know that when we enjoy doing something we are more likely to learn, develop an appetite to learn more and to retain the skills and knowledge that have been gained.

Themed weeks and immersion days raise the profile of subjects and areas of learning and provides children with new experiences, as well as opportunities to enrich and deepen learning.

CURRICULUM IMPACT: Our curriculum provision helps to create engaged, inquisitive, happy children, who work well collaboratively and independently using a broad range of skills, an improving vocabulary and academic knowledge.  Progress from starting points is strong in reading, writing and maths, often above all local schools and national averages. Children will have improved aspirations for their futures, and they will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and vocabulary that will enable them to reach these aspirations.













So what might this look like in practice?

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