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Sport at Mayfield

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Our vision is to improve and increase the quality and quantity of high quality PE for pupils, to show how PE can enhance pupils’ attainment and achievement and to create pathways for them to continue to be active beyond school. We will be developing our links to outside agencies and clubs which will help to generate positive interaction in the community. We are striving towards improving the delivery of the teaching and learning of PE in order to promote participation, progress and performance.

‘High quality PE and school sport produces young people with the skills, understanding, desire and commitment to continue to improve and achieve in a range of PE, sport and health-enhancing physical activities in line with their abilities’ (DCMS Learning through PE & Sport).

Our school recognises the impact that the provision of a high quality PE and school sport curriculum has on the whole school and that it can lead to whole school improvements. Developing pupil’s personal qualities through PE can affect their attitudes towards school and learning. When PE and school sport provision is of the highest quality, all pupils will, to the best of their abilities, develop and demonstrate the following personal qualities:

  • · A strong desire to learn and make progress;
  • · High levels of dedication, attendance and involvement in PE and school sport;
  • · High levels of commitment to PE and school sport;
  • · Good levels of positive behaviour such as politeness, fair play and helpfulness; and
  • · High levels of enjoyment and enthusiasm and a strong desire to get involved.

By implementing a monitoring and reviewing assessment system of PE, we can measure the impact and progress of the quality and provision within our school which will lead to overall whole school improvement.


Youth Sport Trust Silver Quality Mark 
Youth Sport Trust Partner Schools demonstrate high quality outcomes in physical education, school sport and whole school achievement via a quality assured self-review. Completion leads to a bronze, silver or gold Partner School Award. We have now been awarded The Silver Mark for the year 2014-2015. This is renewed each year and we will be looking to move to the gold award in our self-review.