The Sunrise Kids Club

The Sunrise Kids Club provides before and after school care at Mayfield Primary School


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The Sunrise Kids Club starts each school day at 7.45am and runs until school starts.

At the end of the school day at 3.15pm the club starts again until 5.45pm

It's a fun and relaxing way to start and end the school day.

Children can enjoy activities such as board games, craft making, construction toys, puzzles and other table top games. The club provides a fun and safe environment with an emphasis on sharing, taking turns and developing friendships  across all of the age groups that attend.

The children are provided with healthy snacks and drinks.

 Please contact Jacqui Foote on 07851756118  if you'd like your child to join.

Sunrise Kids Club Policies

Accident, iIlness and Injury Policy

Administering Medicines Policy

Admissions Policy

Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Food and Drink Policy

Mobile Phone and Camera Policy

SEN Inclusion Policy

Written Statement of T & C