It is critically important that your child is in school as much as possible during term time.

A great deal of planning goes into each day so that children have time to learn and practice key skills and concepts, each day and each week is a building block to the next.  

Taking your child out of school can have a lasting impact on their learning.

We would ask you to support the school in ensuring that you child is in school, on time every day.

Where absences cannot be avoided such as illness or bereavement please phone the school on the first day of absence.  

If your child has been ill we would ask you to write a short note on their return to school detailing the nature of their illness.  This ensures that we are aware of any viruses or bugs that could be passed around.

Here is a really good guide to common childhood illnesses and conditions that will help you decide on the best course of action regarding when to seek medical advice.

If your child is off for more than 5 consecutive days we would ask you to bring in evidence of a doctor's appointment or prescription.

The government sets a target of 95% attendance for all children.  This figure allows for everyday illnesses. If your child's attendance drops below this figure you will receive a letter alerting you to this fact.  We would ask you to work with us to build your child's attendance to the highest level it can be.

At Mayfield, the majority of our children easily reach above the 95% rate.

Term-time leave of absence needs to be applied for in writing using the form below. Such absences will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances such as a bereavement.

Unauthorised absences may be subject to a local authority fine.

Please read the local authority guidelines on term time absence here.

Application for Term Time Leave of absence

Leaver form

Mayfield Attendance Policy