Attendance - Covid 19                                                                                                 


The Health and Safety of our whole community is of vital importance, particularly at this time.  It is essential that we all work together to keep our school open and all of our pupils, parents and carers and staff safe and well. 

Under current government guidance, school attendance will be treated in the same way as it was prior to Covid-19.

Daily attendance is compulsory from the 5th birthday.  Children are expected to attend school with a percentage of over 95%.

School attendance will be monitored in the usual way.  Parents and Carers must contact school by 10am if their child is not coming in.

Low attendance will result in contact by the Educational Social Worker.  Fines for non-attendance may still be given. 

Absence due to sickness – Covid 19:

If you suspect your child or someone in your family has Covid 19, your household should all be tested as soon as possible. 

Tests can be booked via this link:   Book a Test - NHS

You must also contact school to let them know you are self-isolating while you wait for your results. 

When you get your result, you must contact school to say if it is positive or negative.  We will then be able to help you with the next steps.

For more detailed information for parents and carers, follow this link:  Covid Symptoms - What To Do


Absence due to sickness – other illnesses

Pupils will undoubtedly get their usual coughs and colds.  If they need to remain at home because of this, please contact school in the morning of the absence so we can keep the register updated with the reason for absence.

Absences longer than three days will require further evidence.  Please call and speak to Mrs Calver.

If a child has had vomiting or diarrhoea, they must remain at home for 48 hours following the final bout of either illness.

Leaving Mayfield

We are always sad to say goodbye to our pupils.  If your child is leaving Mayfield because you are relocating or they are changing schools, please inform us.  We need your new address and the details of the new school, including school name, address and start date.  This safeguarding procedure means that we know that your child is still in education, safe and well. 

If you decide to Home-school your child, it is essential that you inform school in writing.  This can be via an email to Mrs Calver  -

To read our full attendance policy, please visit this link: Mayfield Attendance